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The error exponent of random gilbert-varshamov codes

Somekh-Baruch, A and Scarlett, J and Guillen I Fabregas, A (2018) The error exponent of random gilbert-varshamov codes. In: UNSPECIFIED pp. 1-2..

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© 2018 IEEE. We consider transmission over a discrete memoryless channel (DMC) W(y\x) with finite alphabets X and Y. It is assumed that an (n, Mn)-codebook Mn = [x1,..., xMn} with rate Rn = 1/n log Mn is used for transmission. The type-dependent maximum-metric decoder estimates the transmitted message as m = arg maxxiMn q(Pxi, y), (1) where xy is the joint empirical distribution [1, Ch. 2] of the pair (x, y) and the metric q : P(X × Y) → R is continuous. Maximum-likelihood (ML) decoding is a special case of (1), but the decoder may in general be mismatched [2], [3].

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DOI: 10.1109/CISS.2018.8362299