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Hierarchy Design in Metal Oxides as Anodes for Advanced Lithium-ion Batteries

Jin, J and Wu, L and Huang, S and Yan, M and Wang, H and Chen, L and Hasan, T and Li, Y and Su, B-L Hierarchy Design in Metal Oxides as Anodes for Advanced Lithium-ion Batteries. Small Methods. (Unpublished)

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Hierarchical structures are widely found in both animals and plants to ensure their functions working with high efficiency. This explains why hierarchical metal oxides (HMOs) micro/nanostructures have recently received great attention as anode materials for high performance lithium ion batteries (LIBs). Indeed, hierarchy in such micro/nanostructured HMOs offers high specific surface area, stable structure, short path length and improved packing density to enhance the reaction kinetics and Li+/e- transport kinetics, resulting in highly enhanced rate capability and cycling stability. In this report, we focus on hierarchy design from structural, morphological, porous and component levels to summary the HMOs micro/nanostructures as anodes for LIBs. The advantages of HMOs micro/nanostructures based on three reaction mechanisms (intercalation/de-intercalation, conversion and alloying/de-alloying), important challenges that need to be faced and future perspectives on designing advanced electrode materials for next-generation high-performance LIBs are highlighted.

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