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Conformal printing of graphene for single and multi-layered devices on to arbitrarily shaped 3D surfaces

Ng, LWT and Zhu, X and Hu, G and Macadam, N and Um, D and Wu, T-C and Moal, FL and Jones, CG and Hasan, T Conformal printing of graphene for single and multi-layered devices on to arbitrarily shaped 3D surfaces. Advanced Functional Materials. ISSN 1616-301X (Unpublished)

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Printing has drawn a lot of attention as a means of low per-unit cost and high throughput patterning of graphene inks for scaled-up thin-form factor device manufacturing. However, traditional printing processes require a flat surface and are incapable of achieving patterning on to 3D objects. Here, we present a conformal printing method to achieve functional graphene-based patterns on to arbitrarily-shaped surfaces. Using experimental design, we formulate a water-insoluble graphene ink with optimum conductivity. We then print single and multi-layered electrically functional structures on to a sacrificial layer using conventional screen printing. The print is then floated on water, allowing the dissolution of the sacrificial layer, while retaining the functional patterns. The single and multilayer patterns can then be directly transferred on to arbitrarily-shaped 3D objects without requiring any post deposition processing. Using this technique, we demonstrate conformal printing of single and multilayer functional devices that include joule heaters, resistive deformation sensors and proximity sensors on hard, flexible and soft substrates, such as glass, latex, thermoplastics, textiles, and even candies and marshmallows. Our simple strategy offers great promises to add new device and sensing functionalities to previously inert 3D surfaces.

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