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Systematic Design of a Magnetically Levitated Brushless DC Motor for a Reversible Rotary Intra‐Aortic Blood Pump

Xu, L and Wang, Y and Logan, T and Smith, A and Hsu, P-L and Cohn, W and McMahon, R (2017) Systematic Design of a Magnetically Levitated Brushless DC Motor for a Reversible Rotary Intra‐Aortic Blood Pump. Artificial Organs. ISSN 1525-1594

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The IntraVAD is a miniature intra‐aortic ventricular assist device (VAD) designed to work in series with the compromised left ventricle. A reverse‐rotation control (RRc) mode has been developed to increase myocardial perfusion and reduce ventricular volume. The RRc mode includes forward rotation in systole and reverse rotation in diastole, which requires the IntraVAD to periodically reverse its rotational direction in synchrony with the cardiac cycle. This periodic reversal leads to changes in pressure force over the impeller, which makes the entire system less stable. To eliminate the mechanical wear of a contact bearing and provide active control over the axial position of the rotor, a miniature magnetically levitated bearing (i.e., the PM‐Coil module) composed of two concentric permanent magnetic (PM) rings and a pair of coils—one on each side—was proposed to provide passive radial and active axial rotor stabilization. In the early design stage, the numerical finite element method (FEM) was used to optimize the geometry of the brushless DC (BLDC) motor and the maglev module, but constructing a new model each time certain design parameters were adjusted required substantial computation time. Because the design criteria for the module had to be modified to account for the magnetic force produced by the motor and for the hemodynamic changes associated with pump operation, a simplified analytic expression was derived for the expected magnetic forces. Suitable bearings could then be designed capable of overcoming these forces without repeating the complicated FEM simulation for the motor. Using this method at the initial design stage can inform the design of the miniature maglev BLDC motor for the proposed pulsatile axial‐flow VAD

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