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From water to energy: Low cost water & energy consumptions readings

Cunha, A and Silva, E and Pereira, F and Briga-Sá, A and Pereira, S (2017) From water to energy: Low cost water & energy consumptions readings. In: UNSPECIFIED pp. 960-967..

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Water and energy are essential for human existence, and its rational use should be encouraged. According to the literature review, water consumption directly affects energy consumption and are inseparably linked resources. The energy to water part of the water/energy nexus, increasingly highlighted as an important issue for future planning and strategic policy considerations. Joint consideration of both water/energy domains can identify new options for increasing overall resource use efficiency. This work is part of the project ENERWAT that has as goal to measure in situ the water/energy consumption related with water supply end use in rural and urban dwellings in order to validate the data collected by survey. A methodology for low cost measure and store water/energy consumes was developed. Water, Gas and electricity data was stored in image format. In this paper, a CNN architecture was applied and trained to read water/energy. The models suited their proposed. The achieved accuracy for test set was: water - dozen: 0.98, unit: 0.92; gas: dozen: 0.94, unit: 0.99; and electricity - dozen: 0.99, units 0.99. The more challenge digit was water unit digit due to partial occlusion. It is presented a day of readings and discussed some events.

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DOI: 10.1016/j.procs.2017.11.124