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Single-cell microscopy of suspension cultures using a microfluidics-assisted cell screening platform.

Okumus, B and Baker, CJ and Arias-Castro, JC and Lai, GC and Leoncini, E and Bakshi, S and Luro, S and Landgraf, D and Paulsson, J (2017) Single-cell microscopy of suspension cultures using a microfluidics-assisted cell screening platform. Nat Protoc, 13. pp. 170-194.

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Studies that rely on fluorescence imaging of nonadherent cells that are cultured in suspension, such as Escherichia coli, are often hampered by trade-offs that must be made between data throughput and imaging resolution. We developed a platform for microfluidics-assisted cell screening (MACS) that overcomes this trade-off by temporarily immobilizing suspension cells within a microfluidics chip. This enables high-throughput and automated single-cell microscopy for a wide range of cell types and sizes. As cells can be rapidly sampled directly from a suspension culture, MACS bypasses the need for sample preparation, and therefore allows measurements without perturbing the native cell physiology. The setup can also be integrated with complex growth chambers, and can be used to enrich or sort the imaged cells. Furthermore, MACS facilitates the visualization of individual cytoplasmic fluorescent proteins (FPs) in E. coli, allowing low-abundance proteins to be counted using standard total internal reflection fluorescence (TIRF) microscopy. Finally, MACS can be used to impart mechanical pressure for assessing the structural integrity of individual cells and their response to mechanical perturbations, or to make cells take up chemicals that otherwise would not pass through the membrane. This protocol describes the assembly of electronic control circuitry, the construction of liquid-handling components and the creation of the MACS microfluidics chip. The operation of MACS is described, and automation software is provided to integrate MACS control with image acquisition. Finally, we provide instructions for extending MACS using an external growth chamber (1 d) and for how to sort rare cells of interest.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Cell Culture Techniques Equipment Design Escherichia coli Microfluidic Analytical Techniques Microscopy Single-Cell Analysis
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DOI: 10.1038/nprot.2017.127