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Fiber-Integrated Reversibly Wavelength-Tunable Nanowire Laser Based on Nanocavity Mode Coupling

Zhuge, MH and Yang, Z and Zhang, J and Zheng, Y and Song, Q and Pang, C and Liu, X and Ullah, S and Pan, C and Raghavan, N and Zhang, XH and Li, H and Ma, Y and Yang, Q and Hasan, T (2019) Fiber-Integrated Reversibly Wavelength-Tunable Nanowire Laser Based on Nanocavity Mode Coupling. ACS Nano, 13. pp. 9965-9972. ISSN 1936-0851

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© 2019 American Chemical Society. As an ideal miniaturized light source, wavelength-tunable nanolasers capable of emitting a wide spectrum stimulate intense interests for on-chip optoelectronics, optical communications, and spectroscopy. However, realization of such devices remains a major challenge because of extreme difficulties in achieving continuously reversibly tunable gain media and high quality (Q)-factor resonators on the nanoscale simultaneously. Here, exploiting single bandgap-graded CdSSe NWs and a Fabry-Pérot/whispering gallery mode (FP/WGM) coupling cavity, a free-standing fiber-integrated reversibly wavelength-tunable nanolaser covering a 42 nm wide spectrum at room temperature with high stability and reproducibility is demonstrated. In addition, a 1.13 nm tuning spectral resolution is realized. The substrate-free device design enables integration in optical fiber communications and information. With reversible and wide, continuous tunability of emission color and precise control per step, our work demonstrates a general approach to nanocavity coupling affording high Q-factors, enabling an ideal miniaturized module for a broad range of applications in optics and optoelectronics, with optical fiber integration.

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DOI: 10.1021/acsnano.9b05110