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Enhancing monolayer photoluminescence on optical micro/nanofibers for low-threshold lasing

Liaon, F and Yu, J and Gu, Z and Yang, Z and Hasan, T and Linghu, S and Peng, J and Fang, W and Zhuang, S and Gu, M and Gu, F Enhancing monolayer photoluminescence on optical micro/nanofibers for low-threshold lasing. Science Advances, 5. (Unpublished)

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Although monolayer transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs) have direct bandgaps, the low room-temperature photoluminescence quantum yields (QYs), especially under high pump intensity, limit their practical applications. Here, we use a simple photoactivation method to enhance the room-temperature QYs of monolayer MoS2 grown on to silica micro/nanofibers by more than two orders of magnitude in a wide pump dynamic range. The high-density oxygen dangling bonds released from the tapered micro/nanofiber surface are the key to this strong enhancement of QYs. As the pump intensity increases from 10−1 to 104 W cm−2, our photoactivated monolayer MoS2 exhibits QYs from ~30% to 1% while maintaining high environmental stability, allowing direct lasing with greatly reduced thresholds down to 5 W cm−2. Our strategy can be extended to other TMDs, and offers a solution to the most challenging problem towards the realization of efficient and stable light-emitters at room temperature based on these atomically thin materials.

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DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.aax7398