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Accommodation-free head mounted display with comfortable 3D perception and an enlarged eye-box

Shrestha, PK and Pryn, MJ and Jia, J and Chen, JS and Fructuoso, HN and Boev, A and Zhang, Q and Chu, D (2019) Accommodation-free head mounted display with comfortable 3D perception and an enlarged eye-box. Research, 2019.

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Copyright © 2019 Pawan K. Shrestha et al. An accommodation-free displays, also known as Maxwellian displays, keep the displayed image sharp regardless of the viewer's focal distance. However, they typically suffer from a small eye-box and limited effective field of view (FOV) which requires careful alignment before a viewer can see the image. This paper presents a high-quality accommodation-free head mounted display (aHMD) based on pixel beam scanning for direct image forming on retina. It has an enlarged eye-box and FOV for easy viewing by replicating the viewing points with an array of beam splitters. A prototype aHMD is built using this concept, which shows high definition, low colour aberration 3D augmented reality (AR) images with an FOV of 36°. The advantage of the proposed design over other head mounted display (HMD) architectures is that, due to the narrow, collimated pixel beams, the high image quality is unaffected by changes in eye accommodation, and the approach to enlarge the eye-box is scalable. Most importantly, such an aHMD can deliver realistic three-dimensional (3D) viewing perception with no vergence-accommodation conflict (VAC). It is found that viewing the accommodation-free 3D images with the aHMD presented in this work is comfortable for viewers and does not cause the nausea or eyestrain side effects commonly associated with conventional stereoscopic 3D or HMDdisplays, even for all day use.

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DOI: doi:10.34133/2019/9273723