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Environmentally stable black phosphorus saturable absorber for ultrafast laser

Jin, X and Hu, G and Zhang, M and Albrow-Owen, T and Zheng, Z and Hasan, T (2020) Environmentally stable black phosphorus saturable absorber for ultrafast laser. Nanophotonics, 9. pp. 2445-2449.

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© 2020 Meng Zhang et al., published by De Gruyter, Berlin/Boston 2020. Black phosphorus (BP) attracts huge interest in photonic and optoelectronic applications ranging from passive switch for ultrafast lasers to photodetectors. However, the instability of chemically unfunctionalized BP in ambient environment due to oxygen and moisture remains a critical barrier to its potential applications. Here, the parylene-C layer was used to protect inkjet-printed BP-saturable absorbers (BP-SA), and the efficacy of this passivation layer was demonstrated on the stable and continuous operation of inkjet-printed BP-SA in harsh environmental conditions. BP-SA was integrated in an erbium-doped ring laser cavity and immersed in water at ~60°C during operation for investigation. Mode-locked pulses at ~1567.3 nm with ~538 fs pulse width remained stable for >200 h. The standard deviation of spectral width, central wavelength, and pulse width were 0.0248 nm, 0.0387 nm, and 2.3 fs, respectively, in this period, underscoring the extreme stability of BP-SA against high temperature and humidity. This approach could enable the exploitation of BP-based devices for photonic applications when operating under adverse environmental conditions.

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DOI: 10.1515/nanoph-2019-0524