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Hierarchical Zeolite Single-Crystal Reactor for Excellent Catalytic Efficiency

Sun, MH and Zhou, J and Hu, ZY and Chen, LH and Li, LY and Wang, YD and Xie, ZK and Turner, S and Van Tendeloo, G and Hasan, T and Su, BL (2020) Hierarchical Zeolite Single-Crystal Reactor for Excellent Catalytic Efficiency. Matter, 3. pp. 1226-1245. ISSN 2590-2393

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© 2020 Elsevier Inc. Zeolite single crystal with a fully interconnected, highly ordered, and tunable intracrystalline macro-/meso-/microporous hierarchy has been synthesized. Such a unique single-crystalline hierarchical structure has never been reported. Unprecedentedly high diffusion efficiency within each of zeolite single crystals is achieved. This is of crucial importance for catalytic and separation processes in terms of their performance and energy and raw materials consumption. These zeolite single crystals show excellent catalytic performance. The synthesis route has been extended to the synthesis of any kind of zeolite structures and zeotype materials, including Beta, TS-1, Y, and SAPO-34, for a large series of catalytic reactions. Most importantly, this strategy is versatile and can be used to synthesize single crystals of solids of any chemical compositions. The successful synthesis of such single crystals will open a large panel of applications of these materials in different areas.

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DOI: 10.1016/j.matt.2020.07.016