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Wp-2 basic investigation of transition effect

Babinsky, H and Dupont, P and Polivanov, P and Sidorenko, A and Bur, R and Giepman, R and Schrijer, F and van Oudheusden, B and Sansica, A and Sandham, N and Bernardini, M and Pirozzoli, S and Kwiatkowski, T and Sznajder, J (2021) Wp-2 basic investigation of transition effect. In: Notes on Numerical Fluid Mechanics and Multidisciplinary Design. UNSPECIFIED, pp. 129-225.

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An important goal of the TFAST project was to study the effect of the location of transition in relation to the shock wave on the separation size, shock structure and unsteadiness of the interaction area. Boundary layer tripping (by wire or roughness) and flow control devices (Vortex Generators and cold plasma) were used for boundary layer transition induction. As flow control devices were used here in the laminar boundary layer for the first time, their effectiveness in transition induction was an important outcome. It was intended to determine in what way the application of these techniques induces transition. These methods should have a significantly different effect on boundary layer receptivity, i.e. the transition location. Apart from an improved understanding of operation control methods, the main objective was to localize the transition as far downstream as possible while ensuring a turbulent character of interaction. The final objective, involving all the partners, was to build a physical model of transition control devices. Establishing of such model would simplify the numerical approach to flow cases using such devices. This undertaking has strong support from the industry, which wants to include these control devices in the design process. Unfortunately only one method of streamwise vortices was developed and investigated in the presented study.

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DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-47461-4_3