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Spatiotemporal double-phase hologram for complex-amplitude holographic displays

Sui, X and He, Z and Zhang, H and Cao, L and Chu, D and Jin, G (2020) Spatiotemporal double-phase hologram for complex-amplitude holographic displays. Chinese Optics Letters, 18. ISSN 1671-7694

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© 2020 Chinese Optics Letters. This Letter describes an approach to encode complex-amplitude light waves with spatiotemporal double-phase holograms (DPHs) for overcoming the limit of the space-bandwidth product (SBP) delivered by existing methods. To construct DPHs, two spatially macro-pixel encoded phase components are employed in the SBP-preserved resampling of complex holograms. Four generated sub-DPHs are displayed sequentially in time for high-quality holographic image reconstruction without reducing the image size or discarding any image terms when the DPHs are interweaved. The reconstructed holographic images contain more details and less speckle noise, with their signal-to-noise ratio and structure similarity index being improved by 14.64% and 78.79%, respectively.

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DOI: 10.3788/COL202018.100901