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Role of Pile Spacing on Dynamic Behavior of Pile Groups in Layered Soils

Garala, TK and Madabhushi, GSP (2021) Role of Pile Spacing on Dynamic Behavior of Pile Groups in Layered Soils. Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering, 147. ISSN 1090-0241

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This research investigates the influence of pile spacing on the dynamic behavior of pile groups by performing a series of specifically designed dynamic centrifuge experiments on pile foundations embedded in a two-layered soil profile. A single pile and two 3×1 row pile groups with different pile spacing were used as model pile foundations, and the soil models consisted of a soft clay underlain by dense sand. The influence of earthquake frequency on the dynamic behavior of two-layered soils is discussed using the centrifuge data and 1D site response analysis from DEEPSOIL. Further, the results of these centrifuge tests agreed with the conviction that the group effects will be diminished with the increase in pile-to-pile spacing in a pile group due to reduced pile-soil-pile interaction. However, these reduced pile group effects can lead to larger kinematic pile bending moments in the widely spaced pile group compared with a closely spaced pile group. Moreover, the single pile always has larger bending moments than both the tested pile groups - an exception to this is when there is a significant phase difference between the kinematic and inertial loads for a single pile but not for the widely spaced pile group. The influence of pile spacing on the shadowing effects and location of peak bending moments in the piles of a group are also discussed in this paper. Lastly, an attempt is made to evaluate the individual contribution of inertial and kinematic loads for the seismic design of pile foundations considering soil-pile-structure interaction effects.

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DOI: 10.1061/(ASCE)GT.1943-5606.0002483