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Unsteady modelling of pitching wings for gust mitigation

Andreu-Angulo, I and Babinsky, H (2021) Unsteady modelling of pitching wings for gust mitigation. In: UNSPECIFIED pp. 1-17..

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Extreme atmospheric conditions can affect the stability of aerial vehicles that, consequently, require control mechanisms. The study presented in this paper introduces a simple analytical model for the forces on a wing experiencing high-amplitude transverse gusts, which is then applied to determine mitigation strategies. The model is based on the classical unsteady theories of Wagner and Küssner. Careful consideration is given to unsteady aerodynamic phenomena, such as vorticity shedding and non-circulatory forces. To achieve gust mitigation, a wing is pitched about the midchord when encountering a top-hat edge gust with gust ratios of 0.25, 0.5, 1.0 and 1.5. Our model is used to calculate the pitch profile required to maintain zero lift during the entire gust encounter. The results are compared with a simpler linear pitch motion that maintains zero mean effective angle of attack. Experimental results show that the motions predicted by our model achieve a lift peak alleviation of 90% for all gust ratios, while the linear pitch profile results in an inferior alleviation. The gust mitigation was further improved when the actual gust velocity profile, as opposed to the idealised top-hat shape, was used as input for the analytical model. In this case, the mean gust force was reduced by an additional 70%.

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