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An Enhanced Tilted-Angle Acoustofluidic Chip for Cancer Cell Manipulation

Wu, F and Shen, MH and Yang, J and Wang, H and Mikhaylov, R and Clayton, A and Qin, X and Sun, C and Xie, Z and Cai, M and Wei, J and Liang, D and Yuan, F and Wu, Z and Fu, Y and Yang, Z and Sun, X and Tian, L and Yang, X (2021) An Enhanced Tilted-Angle Acoustofluidic Chip for Cancer Cell Manipulation. IEEE Electron Device Letters, 42. pp. 577-580. ISSN 0741-3106

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In recent years, surface acoustic wave (SAW) devices have demonstrated great potentials and increasing applications in the manipulation of nano- and micro-particles including biological cells with the advantages of label-free, high sensitivity and accuracy. In this letter, we introduce a novel tilted-angle SAW devices to optimise the acoustic pressure inside a microchannel for cancer-cell manipulation. The SAW generation and acoustic radiation force are improved by seamlessly patterning electrodes in the space surrounding the microchannel. Comparisons between this novel SAW device and a conventional device show a 32% enhanced separation efficiency while the input power, manufacturing cost and fabrication effort remain the same. Effective separation of HeLa cancer cells from peripheral blood mononuclear cells is demonstrated. This novel SAW device has the advantages in minimizing device power consumption, lowering component footprint and increasing device density.

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Date Deposited: 26 Feb 2021 23:58
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DOI: 10.1109/LED.2021.3062292