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Strong flexoelectric behavior in bimesogenic liquid crystals

Coles, HJ and Clarke, MJ and Morris, SM and Broughton, BJ and Blatch, AE (2006) Strong flexoelectric behavior in bimesogenic liquid crystals. Journal of Applied Physics, 99. ISSN 0021-8979

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In this paper, we demonstrate strong flexoelectric coupling in bimesogenic liquid crystals. This strong coupling is determined via the flexoelectro-optic effect in chiral nematic liquid crystals based on bimesogenic mixtures that are doped with low concentrations of high twisting power chiral additive. Two mixtures were examined: one had a pitch length of p∼300nm, the other had a pitch length of p∼600nm. These mixtures exhibit enantiotropic chiral nematic phases close to room temperature. We found that full-intensity modulation, that is, a rotation of the optic axis of 45° between crossed polarizers, could be achieved at significantly lower applied electric fields (E < 5Vμm -1 ) than previously reported. In fact, for the condition of full-intensity modulation, the lowest electric-field strength recorded was E=2Vμm -1 . As a result of a combination of the strong flexoelectric coupling and a divergence in the pitch, tilt angles of the optic axis up to 87°, i.e., a rotation of the optic axis through 174°, were observed. Furthermore, the flexoelastic ratios, which may be considered as a figure-of-merit parameter, were calculated from the results and found to be large, ranging from 1.3to2C/Nm for a temperature range of up to 40°C. © 2006 American Institute of Physics.

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