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Influence of insoluble surfactant on the deformation and breakup of a bubble or thread in a viscous fluid

Hameed, M and Siegel, M and Young, YN and Li, J and Booty, MR and Papageorgiou, DT (2008) Influence of insoluble surfactant on the deformation and breakup of a bubble or thread in a viscous fluid. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 594. pp. 307-340. ISSN 0022-1120

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The influence of surfactant on the breakup of a prestretched bubble in a quiescent viscous surrounding is studied by a combination of direct numerical simulation and the solution of a long-wave asymptotic model. The direct numerical simulations describe the evolution toward breakup of an inviscid bubble, while the effects of small but non-zero interior viscosity are readily included in the long-wave model for a fluid thread in the Stokes flow limit. The direct numerical simulations use a specific but realizable and representati ve initial bubble shape to compare the evolution toward breakup of a clean or surfactant-free bubble and a bubble that is coated with insoluble surfactant. A distinguishing feature of the evolution in the presence of surfactant is the interruption of bubble breakup by formation of a slender quasi-steady thread of the interior fluid. This forms because the decrease in surface area causes a decrease in the surface tension and capillary pressure, until at a small but non-zero radius, equilibrium occurs between the capillary pressure and interior fluid pressure. The long-wave asymptotic model, for a thread with periodic boundary conditions, explains the principal mechanism of the slender thread's formation and confirms, for example, the relatively minor role played by the Marangoni stress. The large-time evolution of the slender thread and the precise location of its breakup are, however, influenced by effects such as the Marangoni stress and surface diffusion of surfactant. © 2008 Cambridge University Press.

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