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Thermal transport in high porosity cellular metal foams

Zhao, CY and Kim, T and Lu, TJ and Hodson, HP (2004) Thermal transport in high porosity cellular metal foams. Journal of Thermophysics and Heat Transfer, 18. pp. 309-317. ISSN 0887-8722

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The heat dissipation capability of highly porous cellular metal foams with open cells subject to forced air convection is studied using a combined experimental and analytical approach. The cellular morphologies of six FeCrAlY (an iron-based alloy) foams and six copper alloy foams with a range of pore sizes and porosities are quantified with the scanning electronic microscope and image analysis. Experimental measurements on pressure drop and heat transfer for copper foams are carried out. A numerical model for forced convection across open-celled metal foams is subsequently developed, and the predictions are compared with those measured. Reasonably good agreement with test data is obtained, given the complexity of the cellular foam morphology and the associated momentum/energy transport. The results show that cell size has a more significant effect on the overall heat transfer than porosity. An optimal porosity is obtained based on the balance between pressure drop and overall heat transfer, which decreases as the Reynolds number is increased.

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