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Large eddy simulations for fan-OGV broadband noise prediction

Li, Q and Peake, N and Savill, M (2008) Large eddy simulations for fan-OGV broadband noise prediction. 14th AIAA/CEAS Aeroacoustics Conference (29th AIAA Aeroacoustics Conference).

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The work in this paper forms part of a project on the use of large eddy simulation (LES) for broadband rotor-stator interaction noise prediction. Here we focus on LES of the flow field near a fan blade trailing edge. The first part of the paper aims to evaluate LES suitability for predicting the near-field velocity field for a blunt NACA-0012 airfoil at moderate Reynolds numbers (2× 10 5 and 4× 10 5). Preliminary computations of turbulent mean and root-mean-square velocities, as well as energy spectra at the trailing edge, are compared with those from a recent experiment.1 The second part of the paper describes preliminary progress on an LES calculation of the fan wakes on a fan rig. 2 The CFD code uses a mixed element unstructured mesh with a median dual control volume. A wall-adapting local eddy-viscosity sub-grid scale model is employed. A very small amount of numerical dissipation is added in the numerical scheme to keep the compressible solver stable. Further results for the fan turbulentmean and RMS velocity, and especially the aeroacoustics field will be presented at a later stage. Copyright © 2008 by Qinling LI, Nigel Peake & Mark Savill.

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