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Polymers with aligned carbon nanotubes: Active composite materials

Ahir, SV and Huang, YY and Terentjev, EM (2008) Polymers with aligned carbon nanotubes: Active composite materials. Polymer, 49. pp. 3841-3854. ISSN 0032-3861

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We review the current state of the polymer-carbon nanotube composites field. The article first covers key points in dispersion and stabilization of nanotubes in a polymer matrix, with particular attention paid to ultrasonic cavitation and shear mixing. We then focus on the emerging trends in nanocomposite actuators, in particular, photo-stimulated mechanical response. The magnitude and even the direction of this actuation critically depend on the degree of tube alignment in the matrix; in this context, we discuss the affine model predicting the upper bound of orientational order of nanotubes, induced by an imposed strain. We review how photo-actuation in nanocomposites depend on nanotube concentration, alignment and entanglement, and examine possible mechanisms that could lead to this effect. Finally, we discuss properties of pure carbon nanotube networks, in form of mats or fibers. These systems have no polymer matrix, yet demonstrate pronounced viscoelasticity and also the same photomechanical actuation as seen in polymer-based composites. © 2008 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

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