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Building the perfect 3D hologram

Wilkinson, TD and Chen, R (2009) Building the perfect 3D hologram. Advanced Imaging, 24. pp. 30-31. ISSN 1042-0711

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A new liquid crystal device structure has been developed using a vertically grown Multi-Wall Carbon NanoTube (MWCNT) as a 3D electrode structure, which allows complicated phase only hologram to be displayed using conventional liquid crystal materials. The nanotubes act as an individual electrode sites that generate an electric field profile, dictating the refractive index profile with the liquid crystal cell. Changing the electric field applied makes it possible to tune the properties to modulate the light in an ideal kinoform. A perfect 3D image can be generated by a computer generated hologram by using the diffraction of the light from the hologram pixels to create an optical wave front that appears to come from 3D object. A multilevel phase modulating device based on nematic LC's is also under progress, which will be used with the LC/CNT devices on an LCOS backplane to project a full 3D image from the kinoform.

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