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Elastodynamic erosion of thermal barrier coatings

Wang, M and Fleck, NA and Evans, AG (2011) Elastodynamic erosion of thermal barrier coatings. Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 94. ISSN 0002-7820

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The finite element method is used to analyze the elastodynamic response of a columnar thermal barrier coating due to normal impact and oblique impact by an erosive particle. An assessment is made of the erosion by crack growth from preexisting flaws at the edge of each column: it is demonstrated that particle impacts can be sufficiently severe to give rise to columnar cracking. First, the transient stress state induced by the normal impact of a circular cylinder or a sphere is calculated in order to assess whether a 2D calculation adequately captures the more realistic 3D behavior. It is found that the transient stress states for the plane strain and axisymmetric models are similar. The sensitivity of response to particle diameter and to impact velocity is determined for both the cylinder and the sphere. Second, the transient stress state is explored for 2D oblique impact by a circular cylindrical particle and by an angular cylindrical particle. The sensitivity of transient tensile stress within the columns to particle shape (circular and angular), impact angle, impact location, orientation of the angular particle, and to the level of friction is explored in turn. The paper concludes with an evaluation of the effect of inclining the thermal barrier coating columns upon their erosion resistance. © 2011 The American Ceramic Society.

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