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Smooth thin film C/diamond membranes with controllable optical band gaps

Silva, SRP and Amaratunga, GAJ and Constantinou, CP and McKenzie, DR (1992) Smooth thin film C/diamond membranes with controllable optical band gaps. Diamond and Related Materials, 1. pp. 612-618. ISSN 0925-9635

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Mixed phase carbon-diamond films which consist of small grain diamond in an a:C matrix were deposited on polished Si using a radio frequency CH Ar plasma CVD deposition process. Ellipsometry, surface profilometry, scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and spectrophotometry were used to analyse these films. Film thicknesses were typically 50-100 nm with a surface roughness of ± 30 A ̊ over centimetre length scans. SEM analysis showed the films were smooth and pinhole free. The Si substrate was etched using backside masking and a directional etch to give taut carbon-diamond membranes on a Si grid. Spectrophotometry was used to analyse the optical properties of these membranes. Band gap control was achieved by varying the dc bias of the deposition process. Band gaps of 1.2 eV to 4.0 eV were achieved in these membranes. A technique for controlling the compressive stress in the films, which can range from 0.02 to 7.5 GPa has been employed. This has allowed the fabrication of thin, low stress, high band gap membranes that are extremely tough and chemically inert. Such carbon-diamond membranes seem promising for applications as windows in analytical instruments. © 1992. 4

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DOI: 10.1016/0925-9635(92)90176-O