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Absorption of sound in cellular foams

Lu, T and Dupère, IDJ and Dowling, AP (2007) Absorption of sound in cellular foams. Hsi-An Chiao Tung Ta Hsueh/Journal of Xi'an Jiaotong University, 41. pp. 1003-1011. ISSN 0253-987X

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To further enhance the sound absorption of metal foams via combining the high sound absorption and good heat conductivity of the cellular foam metals, the use and acoustic modeling of these materials are reviewed. The predictions made by three viscous models developed by the authors for the propagation of sound through open-cell metal foams are compared with an experiment both for the metal foams and for the polymer substrates used to manufacture the foam. All models are valid in the limit of low Reynold's number which is valid for the typical cell dimensions found in metal foams provided the amplitude of the waves is below 160 dB. The first model considers the drag experienced by acoustic waves as they propagate passing rigid cylinders parallel to their axes, the second considers the propagation normal to their axes, and the third considers the propagation passing the spherical joints. All three are combined together to give a general model of the acoustic behavior of the foams. In particular, the sound absorption is found to be significant and well predicted by the combined model. In addition, a post-processing technique is described for the experiment used to extract the fundamental wave propagation characteristics of the material.

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