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The calculation of acoustic shielding of engine noise by the Silent Aircraft Airframe

Agarwal, A and Dowling, AP (2005) The calculation of acoustic shielding of engine noise by the Silent Aircraft Airframe. Collection of Technical Papers - 11th AIAA/CEAS Aeroacoustics Conference, 4. pp. 2480-2496.

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The Silent Aircraft airframe has a flying wing design with a large wing planform and a propulsion system embedded in the rear of the airframe with intake on the upper surface of the wing. In the present paper, boundary element calculations are presented to evaluate acoustic shielding at low frequencies. Besides the three-dimensional geometry of the Silent Aircraft airframe, a few two-dimensional problems are considered that provide some physical insight into the shielding calculations. Mean flow refraction effects due to forward flight motion are accounted for by a simple time transformation that decouples the mean-flow and acoustic-field calculations. It is shown that significant amount of shielding can be obtained in the shadow region where there is no direct line of sight between the source and observer. The boundary element solutions are restricted to low frequencies. We have used a simple physically-based model to extend the solution to higher frequencies. Based on this model, using a monopole acoustic source, we predict at least an 18 dBA reduction in the overall sound pressure level of forward-propagating fan noise because of shielding.

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