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Model-based control of a Rijke tube combustion instability

Morgans, AS and Dowling, AP (2005) Model-based control of a Rijke tube combustion instability. Collection of Technical Papers - 11th AIAA/CEAS Aeroacoustics Conference, 2. pp. 1406-1415.

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A Rijke tube is used to demonstrate model-based control of a combustion instability, where controller design is based on measurement of the unstable system. The Rijke tube used was of length 0.75m and had a grid-stabilised laminar flame in its lower half. A microphone was used as a sensor and a loudspeaker as an actuator for active control. The open loop transfer function (OLTF) required for controller design was that from the actuator to the sensor. This was measured experimentally by sending a signal with two components to the actuator. The first was a control component from an empirically designed controller, which was used to stabilise the system, thus eliminating the non-linear limit cycle. The second was a high bandwidth signal for identification of the OLTF. This approach to measuring the OLTF is generic and can be applied to large-scale combustors. The measured OLTF showed that only the fundamental mode of the tube was unstable; this was consistent with the OLTF predicted by a mathematical model of the tube, involving 1-D linear acoustic waves and a time delay heat release model. Based on the measured OLTF, a controller to stabilise the instability was designed using Nyquist techniques. This was implemented and was seen to result in an 80dB reduction in the microphone pressure spectrum. A robustness study was performed by adding an additional length to the top of the Rijke tobe. The controller was found to achieve control up to an increase in tube length of 19%. This compared favourably with the empirical controller, which lost control for an increase in tube length of less than 3%.

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