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Ballistic Single-Electron Quputer

Ionicioiu, R and Amaratunga, G and Udrea, F (1999) Ballistic Single-Electron Quputer.

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We propose a new solid state implementation of a quantum computer (quputer) using ballistic single electrons as flying qubits in 1D nanowires. We use a single electron pump (SEP) to prepare the initial state and a single electron transistor (SET) to measure the final state. Single qubit gates are implemented using quantum dots as phase shifters and electron waveguide couplers as beam splitters. A Coulomb coupler acts as a 2-qubit gate, using a mutual phase modulation effect. Since the electron phase coherence length in GaAs/AlGaAs heterostructures is of the order of 30$\mu$m, several gates (tens) can be implemented before the system decoheres.

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