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A discrete dislocation analysis of fatigue crack growth

Deshpande, VS and Cleveringa, HHM and Van der Giessen, E and Needleman, A (2001) A discrete dislocation analysis of fatigue crack growth. Journal De Physique. IV : JP, 11. ISSN 1155-4339

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Cyclic loading of a plane strain mode I crack under small scale yielding is analyzed using discrete dislocation dynamics. The dislocations are all of edge character, and are modeled as line singularities in an elastic solid. At each stage of loading, superposition is used to represent the solution in terms of solutions for edge dislocations in a half-space and a non-singular complementary solution that enforces the boundary conditions, which is obtained from a linear elastic, finite element solution. The lattice resistance to dislocation motion, dislocation nucleation, dislocation interaction with obstacles and dislocation annihilation are incorporated into the formulation through a set of constitutive rules. An irreversible relation between the opening traction and the displacement jump across a cohesive surface ahead of the initial crack tip is also specified, which permits crack growth to emerge naturally. It is found that crack growth can occur under cyclic loading conditions even when the peak stress intensity factor is smaller than the stress intensity required for crack growth under monotonic loading conditions; however below a certain threshold value of ΔKI no crack growth was seen.

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