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Vortex generators near shock/ boundary layer interactions

Holden, HA and Babinsky, H (2004) Vortex generators near shock/ boundary layer interactions. In: UNSPECIFIED pp. 9975-9983..

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Experiments have been performed in a blowdown supersonic wind tunnel to investigate the effect of arrays of sub-boundary layer vortex generators placed upstream of a normal shock/ boundary layer interaction. The investigation makes use of a recovery shock wave and the naturally grown turbulent boundary layer on the wind tunnel floor. Experiments were performed at Mach numbers of 1.5 and 1.3 and a freestream Reynolds number of 28 × 10 6 . Two types of vortex generators were investigated - wedge-shaped and arrays of counter-rotating vanes. It was found that at Mach 1.5 the vane-type VGs eliminated and the wedge-type VGs greatly reduced the separation bubble under the shock. When placed in the supersonic part of the flow both VGs caused a wave pattern consisting of a shock, re-expansion and shock. The re-expansion and double shocks are undesirable features since they equate to increased total pressure losses and hence increased -wave drag. Furthermore there are indications that the vortex intensity is reduced by the normal shock/ boundary layer interaction. When the shock was located directly over the VGs there was no re-expansion present, but the 'damping' effect of the shock on the vortex persisted. It appears that the vortices produced by the wedge-shaped VGs lift off the surface more rapidly. Similar results were observed at Mach 1.3, where the flow was unseparated.

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