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Mineralization and nanomechanical properties in Articular Calcified Cartilage (ACC)

Ferguson, VL and Oyen, ML and Boyde, A and Bushby, AJ (2005) Mineralization and nanomechanical properties in Articular Calcified Cartilage (ACC). Proceedings of the 2005 Summer Bioengineering Conference, 2005. pp. 960-961.

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The contribution of the relative volumes of mineral and collagen to the nanomechanical behavior of articular calcified cartilage is explored using nanoindentation, quantitative backscattered electron imaging, and finite element analysis. Elastic modulus generally increases with mineral volume fraction. In highly mineralized tissues, the mineral occupation of water space significantly increases modulus with addition of little mineral. Mineral and organic phases were modeled using Hashin-Shtrikman composite bounds, calculated as a function of mineral volume fraction. Modulus values fall between the Hashin-Shtrikman bounds, indicating some intermediate degree of mineral phase connectivity. Such connectivity in ACC is greater than that achieved in bone and results from uniform collagen orientation and large volume of water space available for mineral occupation.

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