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Contrasting code performances for computational aeroacoustics of jets

Tucker, PG and Coupland, J and Eastwood, S and Xia, H and Liu, Y and Jefferson-Loveday, RJ and Hassan, O (2006) Contrasting code performances for computational aeroacoustics of jets. Collection of Technical Papers - 12th AIAA/CEAS Aeroacoustics Conference, 6. pp. 3530-3549.

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The numerical propagation of subcritical Tollmein-Schlichting (T-S), inviscid vortical and cut-on acoustic waves is explored. For the former case, the performances of the very different NEAT, NTS, HYDRA, FLUXp and OSMIS3D codes is studied. A modest/coarse hexahedral computationa l grid that starkly shows differences between the different codes and schemes used in them is employed. For the same order of discretization the five codes show similar results. The unstructured codes are found to propagate vortical and acoustic waves well on triangular cell meshes but not the T-S wave. The above code contrasting exercise is then carried out using implicit LES or Smagorinsky LES for and Ma = 0.9 plane jet on modest 0.5 million cell grids moving to circa 5 million cell grids. For this case, even on the coarse grid, for all codes results were generally encouraging. In general, the spread in computational results is less than the spread of the measurements. Interestingly, the finer grid turbulence intensity levels are slightly more under-predicted than those of the coarse grid. This difference is attributed to the numerical dispersion error having a favourable coarse grid influence. For a non-isothermal jet, HYDRA and NTS also give encouraging results. Peak turbulence values along the jet centreline are in better agreement with measurements than for the isothermal jets. Copyright © 2006 by University of Wales.

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