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Shock / boundary-layer interaction control using three-dimensional bumps for transonic wings

Ogawa, H and Babinsky, H and Pätzold, M and Lutz, T (2007) Shock / boundary-layer interaction control using three-dimensional bumps for transonic wings. In: UNSPECIFIED pp. 3967-3989..

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Three-dimensional bumps have been developed and investigated, aiming at the two major objectives of shock-wave / boundary-layer interaction control, i.e. drag reduction and suppression of separation, simultaneously. An experimental investigation has been conducted for a default rounded bump in channel now at University of Cambridge and a computational study has been performed for a spanwise series of rounded bumps mounted on a transonic aerofoil at University of Stuttgart. Observed in both cases are wave drag reduction owing to A-shock structures produced by three-dimensional surface bumps and mild control effects on the boundary layer. The effects of rough surface and tall extension have been investigated as well as several geometric variations and multiple bump configurations. A double configuration of narrow rounded bumps has been found to best perform amongst the tested, considerably reducing wave drag through a well-established A-shock structure with little viscous penalty and thus achieving substantial overall drag reduction. Counter-rotating streamwise vortex pairs have been produced by some configurations as a result of local flow separation, but they have been observed to be confined in relatively narrow wake regions, expected to be beneficial in suppressing large-scale separation under off-design condition despite increase of viscous drag. On the whole a large potential of three-dimensional control with discrete rounded bumps has been demonstrated both experimentally and numerically, and experimental investigation of bumps fitted on a transonic aerofoil or wing is suggested toward practical application.

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