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Challenges in the Silent Aircraft engine design

De La Rosa Blanco, E and Hall, CA and Crichton, D (2007) Challenges in the Silent Aircraft engine design. Collection of Technical Papers - 45th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting, 8. pp. 5418-5437.

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The Silent Aircraft Initiative goal is to design an aircraft that is imperceptible above background noise outside the airport boundary. The aircraft that fulfils this objective must also be economically competitive with conventional aircraft of the future and therefore fuel consumption and mechanical reliability are key considerations for the design. To meet these ambitious targets, a multi-fan embedded turbofan engine with boundary layer ingestion has been proposed. This configuration includes several new technologies including a variable area nozzle, a complex high-power transmission system, a Low Pressure turbine designed for low-noise, an axial-radial HP compressor, advanced acoustic liners and a low-speed fan optimized for both cruise and off-design operation. These technologies, in combination, enable a low-noise and fuel efficient propulsion system but they also introduce significant challenges into the design. These challenges include difficulties in predicting the noise and performance of the new components but there are also challenges in reducing the design risks and proving that the new concepts are realizable. This paper presents the details of the engine configuration that has been developed for the Silent Aircraft application. It describes the design approach used for the critical components and discusses the benefits of the new technologies. The new technologies are expected to offer significant benefits in noise reduction without compromising fuel burn. However, more detailed design and further research are required to fully control the additional risks generated by the system complexity.

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