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The performance of ejectors driven by sinusoidally unsteady jets

Mason, SA and Miller, RJ (2006) The performance of ejectors driven by sinusoidally unsteady jets. Collection of Technical Papers - 44th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting, 16. pp. 12245-12255.

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The operation of ejectors driven by a low-speed, sinusoidally unsteady jet has been studied. The thrust augmentation is shown to be highly dependent on the non-dimensional frequency of the driver jet, but independent of its Mach Number. Convective rather than acoustically propagated phenomena dominate the ejector flowfield. Unsteady pressure measurements on the internal surfaces of the ejector have enabled convecting ring vortices to be identified. The impingement of a ring vortex on the leading edge of the ejector causes the peak unsteady body force. The non-dimensional diameter of the ejector is shown to be the only geometric variable that affects the optimum non-dimensional frequency for thrust augmentation. An experimentally optimised geometry is presented. An expression relating the mechanical efficiency and thrust augmentation of the ejector is developed, and shown to be crucially dependent on the degree of unsteadiness in the ejector exit plane.

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