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A model for nonlinear viscoelastic mechanical responses of collagenous soft tissues

Oyen, ML (2005) A model for nonlinear viscoelastic mechanical responses of collagenous soft tissues. Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings, 898. pp. 66-71. ISSN 0272-9172

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Experimental observations of the time-dependent mechanical responses of collagenous tissues have demonstrated behavior that deviates from standard treatments of linear or quasi-linear viscoelasticity. In particular, time-dependent deformation can be strongly coupled to strain level, and strain-rate independence can be observed under monotonic loading, even for a tissue with dramatic stress relaxation. It was postulated that this nonlinearity is fundamentally associated with gradual recruitment of individual collagen fibrils during applied mechanical loading. Based on previously observed experimental results for the time-dependent response of collagenous soft tissues, a model is developed to describe the mechanical behavior of these tissues under uniaxial loading. Tissue stresses, under applied strain-controlled loading, are assumed to be a sum of elastic and viscoelastic stress contributions. The relative contributions of elastic and viscoelastic stresses is assumed to vary with strain level, leading to strain- and time-dependent mechanical behavior. The model formulation is examined under conditions of monotonic loading at varying constant strain rates and stress-relaxation at different applied strain levels. The model is compared with experimental data for a membranous biological soft tissue, the amniotic sac, and is found to agree well with experimental results. The limiting behavior of the novel model, at large strains relative to the collagen recruitment, is consistent with the quasi-linear viscoelastic approach. © 2006 Materials Research Society.

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