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Millisecond processing beyond chip technology: From electronics to photonics

Skorupa, W and Anwand, W and Posselt, M and Prucnal, S and Rebohle, L and Voelskow, M and Zhou, S and McMahon, RA and Smith, M and Gebel, T and Hentsch, W and Fendler, R and Lüthge, T and Satta, A and Moe Børseth, T and Kuznetsov, AY and Svensson, BG (2007) Millisecond processing beyond chip technology: From electronics to photonics. 15th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Thermal Processing of Semiconductors, RTP 2007. pp. 41-49.

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There is a clear and increasing interest in short time annealing processing far below one second, i.e. the lower limit of Rapid Thermal Processing (RTP) called spike annealing. This was driven by the need of suppressing the so-called Transient Enhanced Diffusion in advanced boronimplanted shallow pn-junctions in silicon technology. Meanwhile the interest in flash lamp annealing (FLA) in the millisecond range spread out into other fields related to silicon technology and beyond. This paper reports on recent experiments regarding shallow junction engineering in germanium, annealing of ITO layers on glass and plastic foil to form an conductive layer as well as investigations which we did during the last years in the field of wide band gap semiconductor materials (SiC, ZnO). A more common feature evolving from our work was related to the modeling of wafer stress during millisecond thermal processing with flash lamps. Finally recent achievements in the field of silicon-based light emission basing on Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Light Emitting Devices will be reported. © 2007 IEEE.

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