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A practical demonstration of scalable, parallel mesh generation

Dawes, WN and Harvey, SA and Fellows, S and Eccles, N and Jaeggi, D and Kellar, WP (2009) A practical demonstration of scalable, parallel mesh generation. In: UNSPECIFIED.

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Cambridge Flow Solutions Ltd, Compass House, Vision Park, Cambridge, CB4 9AD, UK Real-world simulation challenges are getting bigger: virtual aero-engines with multistage blade rows coupled with their secondary air systems & with fully featured geometry; environmental flows at meta-scales over resolved cities; synthetic battlefields. It is clear that the future of simulation is scalable, end-to-end parallelism. To address these challenges we have reported in a sequence of papers a series of inherently parallel building blocks based on the integration of a Level Set based geometry kernel with an octree-based cut-Cartesian mesh generator, RANS flow solver, post-processing and geometry management & editing. The cut-cells which characterize the approach are eliminated by exporting a body-conformal mesh driven by the underpinning Level Set and managed by mesh quality optimization algorithms; this permits third party flow solvers to be deployed. This paper continues this sequence by reporting & demonstrating two main novelties: variable depth volume mesh refinement enabling variable surface mesh refinement and a radical rework of the mesh generation into a bottom-up system based on Space Filling Curves. Also reported are the associated extensions to body-conformal mesh export. Everything is implemented in a scalable, parallel manner. As a practical demonstration, meshes of guaranteed quality are generated for a fully resolved, generic aircraft carrier geometry, a cooled disc brake assembly and a B747 in landing configuration. Copyright © 2009 by W.N.Dawes.

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