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Characterisation and simulation of asphalt road surfaces

Graham, WR and Liu, F and Sutcliffe, MPF and Dale, M (2011) Characterisation and simulation of asphalt road surfaces. Wear, 271. pp. 734-747. ISSN 0043-1648

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Accurate simulation of rolling-tyre vibrations, and the associated noise, requires knowledge of road-surface topology. Full scans of the surface types in common use are, however, not widely available, and are likely to remain so. Ways of producing simulated surfaces from incomplete starting information are thus needed. In this paper, a simulation methodology based solely on line measurements is developed, and validated against a full two-dimensional height map of a real asphalt surface. First the tribological characteristics-asperity height, curvature and nearest-neighbour distributions-of the real surface are analysed. It is then shown that a standard simulation technique, which matches the (isotropic) spectrum and the probability distribution of the height measurements, is unable to reproduce these characteristics satisfactorily. A modification, whereby the inherent granularity of the surface is enforced at the initialisation stage, is introduced, and found to produce simulations whose tribological characteristics are in excellent agreement with the measurements. This method will thus make high-fidelity tyre-vibration calculations feasible for researchers with access to line-scan data only. In addition, the approach to surface tribological characterisation set out here provides a template for efficient cataloguing of road textures, as long as the resulting information can subsequently be used to produce sample realisations. A third simulation algorithm, which successfully addresses this requirement, is therefore also presented. © 2011 Elsevier B.V.

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