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Coarse-level object recognition using interlevel products of complex wavelets

Anderson, R and Kingsbury, N and Fauqueur, J (2005) Coarse-level object recognition using interlevel products of complex wavelets. Proceedings - International Conference on Image Processing, ICIP, 1. pp. 745-748. ISSN 1522-4880

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This paper introduces the Interlevel Product (ILP) which is a transform based upon the Dual-Tree Complex Wavelet. Coefficients of the ILP have complex values whose magnitudes indicate the amplitude of multilevel features, and whose phases indicate the nature of these features (e.g. ridges vs. edges). In particular, the phases of ILP coefficients are approximately invariant to small shifts in the original images. We accordingly introduce this transform as a solution to coarse scale template matching, where alignment concerns between decimation of a target and decimation of a larger search image can be mitigated, and computational efficiency can be maintained. Furthermore, template matching with ILP coefficients can provide several intuitive "near-matches" that may be of interest in image retrieval applications. © 2005 IEEE.

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