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A generalised CFD approach for journal bearing performance prediction

Tucker, PG and Keogh, PS A generalised CFD approach for journal bearing performance prediction. Journal for Enginnering Tribology, 209. pp. 99-108. (Unpublished)

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The use of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) techniques enables performance predictions of bearing designs to be made when the usual operating assumptions of the Reynolds equation Jail to hold. This paper addresses the application of a full three-dimensional thermohydrodynamic CFD approach to journal bearings. The journal/shaft may extend beyond the bearing length and the rotation effect is accounted for in the thermal transport process. A circumferentially uniform shaft surface temperature is not assumed. Cavitation modelling is based on averaged lubricant/vapour properties and does not set pressures directly, allowing sub-ambient pressures to be predicted. Lubricant inlet grooves are incorporated with conservation of mass and the possibility of backflow. The modelling is validated against published experimental work on fully circumferential, single inlet and two-inlet circular bore bearings. The predicted and experimental results are in general agreement, although the predicted cyclic variation of journal surface temperature is less than the experimental value. However, an assumption in the predictions was of a non-orbiting journal. The techniques developed may, in principle, be extended to the orbiting journal case providing a dynamic cavitation model can be formulated.

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