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Far-infrared emission and absorption by hot carriers in superlattices

Allen, SJ and Brozak, G and Colas, E and DeRosa, F and England, P and Harbison, J and Helm, M and Florez, L and Leadbeater, M (1992) Far-infrared emission and absorption by hot carriers in superlattices. Semiconductor Science and Technology, 7. ISSN 0268-1242

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Some of the earliest theoretical speculation, stimulated by the growth of semiconductor superlattices, focused on novel devices based on vertical transport through engineered band structures; Esaki and Tsu promised Bloch oscillators in narrow mini-band systems and Kazarinov and Suris contemplated electrically stimulated intersubband transitions as sources of infrared radiation. Nearly twenty years later these material systems have been perfected, characterized and understood and experiments are emerging that test some of these original concepts for novel submillimetre wave electronics. The authors describe recent experiments on intersubband emission in quantum wells stimulated by resonant tunnelling currents. A critical issue at this time is devising a way to achieve population inversion. Other experiments explore 'saturation' effects in narrow miniband transport. Thermal saturation may be viewed as a precursor to Bloch oscillation if the same effects can be induced with an applied electric field.

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