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1-3 Piezocomposite design optimised for high frequency kerfless transducer arrays

Démoré, CEM and Cochran, S and Garcia-Gancedo, L and Dauchy, F and Button, TW and Bamber, JC (2009) 1-3 Piezocomposite design optimised for high frequency kerfless transducer arrays. Proceedings - IEEE Ultrasonics Symposium. ISSN 1051-0117

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Piezocomposites that can operate at frequencies above 30 MHz without spurious modes are required in order to develop sufficiently sensitive high frequency arrays for high resolution imaging. However, scaling down of conventional piezocomposite fabrication techniques becomes increasingly difficult as dimensions decrease with increasing frequency. The approach presented here is to use micro-moulded 1-3 piezocomposites and a distribution of piezoelectric segment size and separation. Innovative approaches to composite pattern design, based on a randomized spatial distribution, are presented. Micro-moulding techniques are shown to be suitable for fabricating composites with dimensions required for high frequency composites. Randomized piezocomposite patterns are modeled and are shown to suppress spurious modes.

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