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Gigacount/second photon detection with InGaAs avalanche photodiodes

Patel, KA and Dynes, JF and Sharpe, AW and Yuan, ZL and Penty, RV and Shields, AJ Gigacount/second photon detection with InGaAs avalanche photodiodes. Electronics Letters, 48. pp. 111-113. (Unpublished)

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We demonstrate high count rate single photon detection at telecom wavelengths using a thermoelectrically-cooled semiconductor diode. Our device consists of a single InGaAs avalanche photodiode driven by a 2 GHz gating frequency signal and coupled to a tuneable self-differencing circuit for enhanced detection sensitivity. We find the count rate is linear with the photon flux in the single photon detection regime over approximately four orders of magnitude, and saturates at 1 gigacount/s at high photon fluxes. This result highlights promising potential for APDs in high bit rate quantum information applications.

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