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Properties of tetrahedral amorphous carbon prepared by vacuum arc deposition

McKenzie, DR and Muller, D and Pailthorpe, BA and Wang, ZH and Kravtchinskaia, E and Segal, D and Lukins, PB and Swift, PD and Martin, PJ and Amaratunga, G and Gaskell, PH and Saeed, A (1991) Properties of tetrahedral amorphous carbon prepared by vacuum arc deposition. Diamond and Related Materials, 1. pp. 51-59. ISSN 0925-9635

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The structural, optical, electrical and physical properties of amorphous carbon deposited from the filtered plasma stream of a vacuum arc were investigated. The structure was determined by electron diffraction, neutron diffraction and energy loss spectroscopy and the tetrahedral coordination of the material was confirmed. The measurements gave a nearest neighbour distance of 1.53 Å, a bond angle of 110 and a coordination number of four. A model is proposed in which the compressive stress generated in the film by energetic ion impact produces pressure and temperature conditions lying well inside the region of the carbon phase diagram within which diamond is stable. The model is confirmed by measurements of stress and plasmon energy as a function of ion energy. The model also predicts the formation of sp -rich materials on the surface owing to stress relaxation and this is confirmed by a study of the surface plasmon energy. Some nuclear magnetic resonance, infrared and optical properties are reported and the behaviour of diodes using tetrahedral amorphous carbon is discussed. © 1991. 2

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DOI: 10.1016/0925-9635(91)90011-X