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A transparent ultraviolet triggered amorphous selenium p-n junctio

Overend, M and Saito, I and Miyazaki, W and Onishi, M and Kudo, Y and Masuzawa, T and Yamada, T and Koh, A and Chua, D and Soga, K and Aono, M and Amaratunga, G and Okano, K A transparent ultraviolet triggered amorphous selenium p-n junctio. Applied Physics Letters, 98. (Unpublished)

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This paper will introduce a semitransparent amorphous selenium (a-Se) film exhibiting photovoltaic effects under ultraviolet light created through a simple and inexpensive method. We found that chlorine can be doped into a-Se through electrolysis of saturated salt water, and converts the weak p-type material into an n-type material. Furthermore, we found that a p-n diode fabricated through this process has shown an open circuit voltage of 0.35 V toward ultraviolet illumination. Our results suggest the possibility of doping control depending on the electric current during electrolysis and the possibility of developing a simple doping method for amorphous photoconductors

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