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Eigenmodes of lined flow ducts with rigid splices

Brambley, EJ and Davis, AMJ and Peake, N (2012) Eigenmodes of lined flow ducts with rigid splices. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 690. pp. 399-425. ISSN 0022-1120

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This paper presents an analytic expression for the acoustic eigenmodes of a cylindrical lined duct with rigid axially running splices in the presence of flow. The cylindrical duct is considered to be uniformly lined except for two symmetrically positioned axially running rigid liner splices. An exact analytic expression for the acoustic pressure eigenmodes is given in terms of an azimuthal Fourier sum, with the Fourier coefficients given by a recurrence relation. Since this expression is derived using a Greens function method, the completeness of the expansion is guaranteed. A numerical procedure is described for solving this recurrence relation, which is found to converge exponentially with respect to number of Fourier terms used and is in practice quick to compute; this is then used to give several numerical examples for both uniform and sheared mean flow. An asymptotic expression is derived to directly calculate the pressure eigenmodes for thin splices. This asymptotic expression is shown to be quantitatively accurate for ducts with very thin splices of less than 1 % unlined area and qualitatively helpful for thicker splices of the order of 6 % unlined area. A thin splice is in some cases shown to increase the damping of certain acoustic modes. The influences of thin splices and thin boundary layers are compared and found to be of comparable magnitude for the parameters considered. Trapped modes at the splices are also identified and investigated. © 2011 Cambridge University Press.

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