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Flexoelectric and elastic coefficients of odd and even homologous bimesogens.

Atkinson, KL and Morris, SM and Castles, F and Qasim, MM and Gardiner, DJ and Coles, HJ (2012) Flexoelectric and elastic coefficients of odd and even homologous bimesogens. Phys Rev E Stat Nonlin Soft Matter Phys, 85. 012701-.

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It is known that bimesogenic liquid crystals exhibit a marked "odd-even" effect in the flexoelastic ratio (the effective flexoelectric coefficient to the average elastic coefficient), with the ratio being higher for the "odd-spaced" bimesogens (those with an odd number of alkyl groups in the spacer chain) than their neighboring even-spaced counterparts. To determine the contribution of each property to the flexoelastic ratio, we present experimental results on the flexoelectric and elastic coefficients of two homologous nonsymmetric bimesogens which possess odd and even alkyl spacers. Our results show that, although there are differences in the flexoelectric coefficients, there are substantially larger differences in the effective elastic coefficient. Specifically, the odd bimesogen is found to have both a low splay elastic coefficient and a very low bend elastic coefficient which, when combined, results in a significantly lower effective elastic coefficient and consequently a higher flexoelastic ratio.

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