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Extending noise robust structured support vector machines to larger vocabulary tasks

Zhang, SX and Gales, MJF (2011) Extending noise robust structured support vector machines to larger vocabulary tasks. 2011 IEEE Workshop on Automatic Speech Recognition and Understanding, ASRU 2011, Proceedings. pp. 18-23.

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This paper describes a structured SVM framework suitable for noise-robust medium/large vocabulary speech recognition. Several theoretical and practical extensions to previous work on small vocabulary tasks are detailed. The joint feature space based on word models is extended to allow context-dependent triphone models to be used. By interpreting the structured SVM as a large margin log-linear model, illustrates that there is an implicit assumption that the prior of the discriminative parameter is a zero mean Gaussian. However, depending on the definition of likelihood feature space, a non-zero prior may be more appropriate. A general Gaussian prior is incorporated into the large margin training criterion in a form that allows the cutting plan algorithm to be directly applied. To further speed up the training process, 1-slack algorithm, caching competing hypothesis and parallelization strategies are also proposed. The performance of structured SVMs is evaluated on noise corrupted medium vocabulary speech recognition task: AURORA 4. © 2011 IEEE.

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