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Low molar mass organosiloxane liquid crystals for telecommunication applications

Hu, X and Hadeler, O and Coles, HJ (2012) Low molar mass organosiloxane liquid crystals for telecommunication applications. Journal of Lightwave Technology, 30. pp. 2525-2531. ISSN 0733-8724

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Mixtures of two proprietary low molar mass organosiloxane liquid crystals were studied in order to improve their alignment and optimize their electro-optic properties for telecommunication applications. Over a certain concentration range, mixtures exhibited an isotropic-chiral smectic A-chiral smectic C (Iso-SmA*-SmC*) phase sequence leading to exceptionally good alignment. At room temperature, the spontaneous polarization of these samples was reduced from 225 nC cm -2 in the pure SmC* liquid crystal to as low as 75 nC cm -2 in the mixture. Within this concentration range, the ferroelectric tilt angle could be varied between 35° and 15°, while the rise time decreased by 69.4%. The rise times were < 45 μs for moderate electric fields of ± 10 V μm -1 in the SmC* phase and ∼ 4 μs, independent of electric field, in the SmA* phase. At λ = 1550 nm, these mixtures exhibited very large extinction ratios of {\sim} 60 dB for binary switching in the SmC* phase and ∼ 55 dB continuous variable attenuation in the SmA* phase. © 2012 IEEE.

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